About the College

Al-Qasemi College of Engineering and Science was founded in 2004 with the support and encouragement of the Ministry of Economy and the recognition of State Institute for Technological and Professional Qualification “Maht”. Since then it has undergone accelerated development in various fields and operates as a non-profit public institution for the benefit of the public, and the welfare of its students and for the development of professional personnel.

The college has students from all over the country, (88% female), in these programs:

Construction practical engineering, biotechnology practical engineering, Software practical engineering, complementary medicine, assistants of dentists, dental technicians and other professions that are studied as individual courses and training programs.

At the center of the college's way of work is the constant pursuit of excellence. This ambition is expressed in the selection of an experienced and talented academic and professional staff, in the construction of appropriate and advanced academic and physical foundations, in an attempt to maintain an academic and educational atmosphere and by providing innovative norms and teaching methods.

The college has advanced teaching centers, and one of the highest level of computing and ICT units in the academic and professional institutions in the country.

The characteristics of the college's work:

-Directed management of results and work according to academic standards, professions and organizations.
- Integrating the college into the life of society in Israel and taking responsibility for solving our problems as a minority.
-Management according to goals.
- An organizational culture built on common values and creates unique pride among employees.
- Managing knowledge and making it public domain within a culture of learning, research, innovation and continuous improvement.
- A constant process of knowledge building.
- Public responsibility and involvement in social and community life.